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Farm Fresh Food & Family Fun

Seth was raised in Monteview, Idaho on his family farm. He has been driving tractors since he was 5 years old. He would bale hay on these old little balers before he could hardly see over the steering wheel. His dad would have to jump back on to hurry and turn the baler around for him.  Seth moved to the Treasure Valley when he married Andi and went to work on his father in laws farm.

Andi was born and raised in Marsing Idaho. She is a 4th generational farmer in the Treasure Valley. She is all about family and anything agriculture. She is an animal lover through and through.

We have three fun and busy girls who love the farm life.

In 2018 we decided to start our own farm, Raw Life Farms. We started with one dairy cow then added another and added another. We bought Treasured Sunrise Acres dairy business and haven't looked back since. We love everything about raw milk and have become super passionate about it. 

Our farm is pasture based. We believe animals produce healthy milk and healthy meat when they are raised in natural ways. Our cows are never fed grain and live out in the open pastures and not in a feed lot.

We also raise pastured meat chickens, laying chickens, wagyu cross beef and pigs.

We love supporting and connecting with our local communities. We feel having a strong local agricultural presence is super important for our local economy and people. 

We love supplying goods for you and hearing how much it makes a difference in your life! It truly makes all the hard work we do worth it!

We hope to be able to continue to do what we love and supply you with healthy local dairy and meat products!

-The Hansens

About Us: Our Farm
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